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Every week, people come from around the country and around the world to experience Beth Israel / The Jerusalem Center.  Twenty minutes from New York City, in Wayne, New Jersey, the Jerusalem Center has become known throughout America and the world as a prophetic beacon. The home ministry of Jonathan Cahn, Beth Israel’s teachings and messages are known for opening of the deep mysteries of the Word of God, restoring the original biblical Jewish riches of the Gospel, and sending forth a prophetic word for this hour.

It was at Beth Israel that the message of The Harbinger was first given before it became an international bestseller. It was at Beth Israel that the Mystery of the Shemitah was first shared and many of the mysteries that would become The Book of Mysteries.  It is because of this that people come from all different churches to attend.  On any given Friday night and Sunday morning it is a United Nations of people seeking and worshiping Messiah and the God of the Bible.

Early in Jonathan’s ministry, Beth Israel became known as the largest Messianic congregation in America. Its services are known for the powerful giving forth of God’s word and revelation, for excitement, joy, uncompromising truth, and the love and presence of God. 

When you come into the building you will feel as if you are entering Jerusalem.  The walls are reproductions of the walls of Jerusalem;  the back of the stage is from the Western Wall; and the sanctuary is surrounded by the gates of the holy city.  It’s symbolic of the restoration of the faith to its original context and riches, as the first church and first believers began in the city of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Center has ministries of every type and need, from Women’s, Men’s, Young Adults, Married, Single, Spanish, Youth, Children, Nursery, Evangelism, Discipleship, Bible Studies,  Television, Radio, outreach to the needy, etc.  In addition, is the Arise and Shine Academy offering free courses in everything from learning biblical Hebrew and Greek, to growing strong in the Lord, prophecy, and much more.

From Beth Israel began Hope of the World ( www.hopeoftheworld.org) the ministry of outreach that sends the Word of God around the world and ministers to the world’s most needy.  Every year the ministry sponsors a multitude of compassion projects from building water wells, ministering to orphans, refugees, the persecuted, the sick, and the hungry throughout the nations.

Beth Israel has two main and different worship services every week.  For years, Jonathan has ministered two different messages each weekend – the Sunday morning worship service, every Sunday morning, starts 10am & 11:30am - and the Friday Night Worship Service, every Friday night, starts at 8pm.   Every main service provides children’s ministry, nursery, and Spanish translation. 

The services are also filmed for television broadcasts around the nation and excerpts from Jonathan’s messages can be found through the web.

You can find more on our Facebook pages -  Beth Israel, Jonathan Cahn, Hope of the World, and our websites.

To get in touch with the ministry you can email us at: bethisrael@bethisraelworshipcenter.org

The Ministry Center is available after every service where those in charge will be glad to help you and answer your questions.


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