Bringing the hope of eternal salvation through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.
The age began with Jew & Gentile together in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).  Now, after 2000 years, it’s back!!!  Jew & Gentile, people from all backgrounds, nations, and denominations are together again in Messiah & experiencing the richness of the faith in its original biblical flavor.  You can experience it all at the Beth Israel Worship Center every Friday Night at 8 & Sunday Morning at 11.  It’s exciting, its prophetic, its joyous, & it’s life-changing, with special events, concerts, classes, seminars, activities events for families, singles, men, women, youth, children, Spanish, and more.  So come on out!  All are Welcome!

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The Atonement of Messiah on the Day of Passover, in its entire original biblical flavor....

Friday Apr 03 at 8 pm

RESURRECTION SUNDAY! & The Biblical Feast of First Fruits!

Experience the power of the Resurrection in the original Biblical flavor of Yom Bikurim– The Hebrew day on which Messiah chose to rise from death! ...

Sunday Apr 05 at 11 am