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  • Prophecy & Prophets of the Covenants
    We will study the prophets, the prophesying, and prophecies from the Old and New Covenants concentrating on their connection in Messiah! We will also discuss the proper and improper uses of the gifts of the Spirit! Classroom 6
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.
  • Eretz Yisrael-Exploring the Land of God
    The course will discuss the love of God for Biblical Judea and Samaria as found in the Scriptures. We will learn about the miraculous transformation from a barren desert to a Land of Prosperity! Personal testimonies of journeys to the land will also be shared! (a class for Women). Classroom 7
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.
  • The Songs of Ascent
    Finding encouragement for our journey as we study the Special Pilgrimage Psalms! (120-134) Classroom 1
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.
  • Knowing God: The Solid Rock Discipleship Course
    Get strong & Rock Solid in the Lord! This course will help you build a heart to heart relationship with God, overcome temptation, learn apologetics and fulfill the Great Commission! For new believers and old alike! Classroom 3
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.
  • Praise Him in Dance: Psalm 149!
    Even if you’re a beginner you can learn to worship the Lord as David and Miriam did- in the joy of Dance Worship, Israeli Dance, Interpretative Dance, and more! For both men and women - dance as David danced & Miriam! Classroom 4A & 4B
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.
  • Learn the Language of Messiah 1
    Learn the basics to begin actually reading and writing Biblical Hebrew! Classroom 5
    Bible Academy Courses beginning OCT 1.

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