Where will you be a thousand years from now? You will be somewhere. You’ll either be with God or apart from God. You see, there are only two destinies. The Bible is very clear about it. It’s either that you will be with God - and that’s eternal joy, and that’s what heaven is - or you will be separated from God; that’s eternal judgment - that‘s what hell is. And if you’re not sure that you’re saved, you’re not sure you are going to be with God - then you’re not.

You might ask “well how do I get into heaven?” “How do I know that I’m saved?” Is it about being religious or being good enough? No. The Bible is very clear. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Catholic, or Protestant, or Jewish or whatever you are. How religious you are has nothing to do with it.

How do you get saved? How do you know you can enter heaven? How do you know where you will be a thousand years from now? Remember: if you’re not sure - that means you’re not saved. So listen closely. Here’s what the Bible says, Jesus says. There’s only one way to be sure. There’s only one way to enter heaven and to know that you’re saved. It’s this: “You must be born again.” That’s what Jesus said. Not religion, not anything else. “You must be born again.” It doesn’t matter how bad your life has been. It doesn’t matter how many sins. You must be born again. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are. You must be born again. That’s what the Bible says.

How do you become born again? The Bible says that whoever will receive Him will be saved. It begins when you receive Him, Jesus, as Lord of your life. You receive Him. You follow Him. You receive Him as Lord and you ask for forgiveness of your sins. He’ll cleanse you. He’ll wash you. He’ll begin a new life in you. It’s very simple. The good news is He will not turn away anyone who comes. He says “Come to me and I will not reject you. I will receive you.” But you need to be serious. It’s not a game. It’s receiving the Lord once and for all as your Lord; turning away from sins, turning away from the old life, turning away from following the old ways.

Without God you can never have peace. You can never have real meaning for your life. There’s always going to be something missing and that’s your heart saying “I need God.” You have a heart beat right now. Take that as if the Lord were knocking on the door of your heart right now saying “Open up.” That heartbeat can stop tomorrow. It’s borrowed. It could stop today. And you know what? Once it stops you’re only one heart beat away from eternity. That’s it. Eternity is too long. And this life is too short. And the Lord would say to you right now “I love you. I gave my life for you. I overcame death so that you could be saved, so your sins could be forgiven, so you could enter heaven.”

No one can enter heaven with sin. Sins have to be judged. God would say ‘I didn’t create you so you’d be judged. I created you so you could be saved. Now I’m offering you the greatest gift, what you were born to receive, but it will mean nothing if you miss it.

Salvation is passing you right now. The Lord would pass by and call to the disciples: “Follow me, Follow me.” There is a choice. God is now passing by you saying “Follow Me.” There’s only one road and you know it. There’s only one way and you don’t have it without being Born Again. You know there’s something more and you know this is right. You need to come now to the Lord, to the one who made you and now is your moment. Don’t let it pass you by because you may not have tomorrow and the other thing is your heart may not be open tomorrow and you could miss your own salvation; and there’s only two roads.

So if you’re not sure you’re born again that means you’re on the road that leads to destruction. God doesn’t want that for you and that’s not His will for you. But you need to say “yes” because He won’t force you. He is now offering you the greatest gift: Eternal Life and being Born Again. It happens right now and not only is it joy and not only is it blessings for eternity but the blessings begin now. You begin to have peace. You’ll begin to have freedom from sin and from bondages. You’ll begin to have the joy of God come into your life. There’s nothing greater than that!

A new birth means there is a new beginning in your life. That means you have to say ‘the old is finished‘. ‘I’m not going to follow the old way anymore. I’m not going to follow selfishness and sin and all that. I’m not going to be a slave to that any more. I’m following you, God. I’m following you, Jesus, as my Lord.

So right now the Lord is saying “Come to Me, you. Come to Me all you who are burdened down and I’ll give you rest.” “Come, for I didn’t create you to be judged. I created you to have Eternal Life, and now is the time. I gave you a heart beat. I gave you breath so you could come now. Don’t miss your own salvation. So right now we’re going to pray together. How do you become born again? The Bible says “If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. If you will follow Him you shall be saved. You can begin right now with a prayer. If you will open your heart to the Lord, receiving Him, accepting Him, making Him truly the Lord of your life, turning your life to Him, receiving Him into your heart, receiving forgiveness for your sins, and turning away form the darkness to the light, from now on, you will be born again.

#1 - It can start right now as you simply pray and mean it from your heart:

“Lord, God I come to you now. I open my heart and this moment, this day, I receive you as Lord of my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving your life for me. Thank you for overcoming death so I could be saved and I could be forgiven and I could be Born Again. This moment I make you Lord of my life. I make you Lord over everything. I will follow you from this moment on, all the days of my life. Wherever you lead I will follow. I am now your disciple and I will go as you lead me. And I surrender everything to you. Lord forgive me of my sins. Wash me, cleanse me, forgive me now and make me new from the inside out. I repent and I turn away from the darkness, and I turn to the light. And now I receive you Lord. I receive your forgiveness. I receive your cleansing, your washing, your love, your grace, your spirit and your presence. I receive you deep into my heart and I will be with you always. Now lead me on. I commit my life to you and every moment of my life to you. And I will follow you as my Lord and Savior and as my Beloved Redeemer and the first one in my life. Lead me on as I follow you from this moment and all the days of my life. And now I thank you that by your promise and your word as I have received you, as I have committed and dedicated my heart and life to you, as I have now made you Lord over my life and I have come to you, I am now received into the kingdom of heaven. I’m saved, born again and as I follow you, as your disciple, I have eternal life and I’ll be with you always. Thank you Lord. Thank you my Savior. And now I begin my new life with you. Lead me on as I follow you with all my heart and all my strength and all my mind and all my soul from this moment and all the days of my life in the name of my Savior, in the name of Jesus. Thank you . Amen.

If you prayed that prayer and if you meant it, then, Congratulations. You are now a new person from the inside out. And so you will be shown by you following Him. But the thing is it’s not a matter of feeling of emotions. You might feel something now, you may not, it doesn’t matter. You believe and you receive it and it’s going to happen. You’re going to see changes just as when you were first born. It was quiet. It happened in your mother’s womb. It was very small and quiet but then it grew. Well, so the new life, the new birth the same way. It starts quiet, small. But then it starts changing everything in your life as you follow Him. Get a bible. Read the bible daily. God will speak to you through His word..

#2 - Follow Him as He leads you. Just do it. Just go and start walking as He leads you and you’re going to be blessed.

#3 - Pray. Talk to Him, from your heart, day to day - every day. You don’t need to know how. Just from your heart.

#4 - And lastly fellowship together. You have a great place right here. We’ll do everything to help you but you need to be in regular fellowship and God will bless you. Okay? So listen, press on now and people around you will help you with any questions and get some special gifts. The best thing I can say right now is press on. You did the greatest thing you could ever do. Now be strong in it, take your first steps either today or tomorrow and God will bless you. Congratulations and God bless you my friends and congratulations again and God be with you.