October 2014

Dear Friend, I hope that you’re doing great in Messiah’s love. This month a word for you about the Sunrise.

Did you know the ancient rabbis did a very strange thing? When they began to translate the Old Testament Hebrew into Greek they had to make a decision when they came to Zechariah 6. It was there that the prophet spoke of Messiah as the man called “The Branch.” The word that Zechariah used for branch was the Hebrew tzemach. It can be accurately translated as branch or a shoot or a shooting forth of a sprout. But the ancient rabbis chose an ancient Greek word to translate that ancient name of Messiah. They chose the word Anatolae. The word particularly means the Rising – especially as in the rising of light or the rising of the sun.

That word they chose, Anatolae, appears again in the New Testament. There it speaks of Messiah as “the Sunrise,” “the Dayspring.” What is the connection between a branch and a sunrise? The connection is that Messiah will rise and branch out just like the rays of the rising sun at dawn. He will shoot forth like a budding tree yet like also the brilliant radiance of the sun breaking through over the horizon.

What a beautiful name! – Anatolae – the Sunrise. Messiah said, “I am the light of the world” but He is not only the “light of the world.” He is a particular kind of light; He is the light of the rising sun. What it means is He always gets brighter, He always rises. His light is that which only increases. It is the light of dawn, the light that breaks the darkness and ends the night. It is the light of new beginnings. It is amazing to see how accurate His title is. For He walked the earth as a poor Jewish carpenter in the backwater of the Roman Empire and yet His radiance over human history has only grown and grown brighter in every generation. Today His name is truly the name above every name that is named in this world. It is so much so that even our calendars are divided into AD and BC by His first coming.

The cool thing is that we have Him in our life, if we are born again. It is not just a light; it is the light that breaks the night, the light of new beginnings and the light that grows ever greater, it is the light of dawn. And so He called us the light of the World. But we are not just lights. We ourselves are to be little sunrises born in the darkness in the night of our lives but growing continually brighter as we grow in Him. So never stop growing. Never stop rising. Never stop preserving. Never give up because you, like the dawn are only meant to grow brighter in Him who is called Anatolae, the Branch, the Dayspring, and the Sunrise.

In HIs Love and Service,

Jonathan Cahn