Dear Friend, I hope that you’re doing great in the Lord’s keeping as a believer in the Messiah.

Did you know that the first believers had more against them than any other generation in the history of the gospel? They were persecuted, they were maligned, slandered and they were arrested, they were beaten and they were beheaded, tortured and fed to the lions. They were confronted with the threat of death in almost every place they went and at almost all times. These were the very first believers who had fled the Lord at the eve of His crucifixion because they so much feared death but now there was no more fear. Instead of cowering before the threats, they were stronger. Instead of backing down, they pressed ahead. They could not be stopped. They boldly proclaimed the Gospel in the very city of the crucifixion, Jerusalem and then to the ends of the earth. Enduring all hardships, all persecutions, all threats and dangers of death. What can explain that? The only way to so greatly counter a threat of the power of death is by that which is the opposite of death. . . the power of life. Only the very real event of the resurrection – the triumphing of life over death – can explain what transformed and what carried the disciples the rest of their lives. When one loses one’s fear of death, there is nothing much that can stop the person who has lost his or her fear of death because of the power of Messiah.

We too are to be people of the resurrection. We too are to be people of life triumphing over death. When you think about it; so many fears that we live by are linked to the fear of death – and the pursuit of survival. We worry about money because we believe that if we don’t have enough it will threaten our survival. We worry about health for the same reason. We deal with the fear of man and of rejection because we believe that it is linked to our well being. But Messiah has conquered death. If He has conquered death, then He has conquered fear. That means if we truly are who we say we are, if we follow in the footsteps and once the stone has been rolled away, there is nothing much to stop us. God wants us to be free of fear, free of anxiety, and free of worry. We have to learn that our well being does not depend on this world . . . but only on God. If God has conquered death, then there is nothing left to be afraid of and “if God be for us who can be against us.” Start living a life free from the bondage of fear with a life of true love and a life where the stone has been rolled away. Live unbound. Confront your fears head on and overcome them because Messiah is the Prince of Life and death has been vanquished in His Name. In His Name live as a true disciple free from fear and alive to life.  

In HIs Love and Service,

Jonathan Cahn