June, 2022


Word for the Month of June

Scripture: Psalm 82:3-4

See Message: Slaughter of the Innocents

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

A recent expose revealed that the federal government has not only been experimenting on unborn children but has been involved in purchasing fresh flesh of aborted babies – late term – babies who could have survived as preemies.  

 The 600-page report reveals that the U.S. government has been trafficking in fresh baby parts. The body parts were purchased by the Food and Drug Administration. The babies were up to 24-weeks old (six months old) with only one third of the gestation period left to birth.  

Records indicate that the government paid up to $12,000 of tax payers’ money per baby.  

The records further reveal that organs were purchased of babies well after 20 weeks old – from babies that will usually survive outside the womb. Further, e-mail communications obtained for the report reveal that those performing the experiments could not use babies that had been poisoned or injected with chemicals.  Therefore, it can be presumed that the preference and focus was on children killed by the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion.

And what was the purpose for such a horrific practice?  It was to test drugs and to perform experiments to humanize mice.  

To counter such practices, President Trump enacted strict rules concerning any proposed research using human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions.  All such proposals were to be reviewed by an Ethics Advisory Board.

But in the early days of the new administration, President Biden axed the limits and safeguards and ethical reviews enacted by President Trump. The government declared there were no ethical issues involved with the experimentation on and trafficking of human baby parts.  There would be no more ethical boards to review future proposals. All such proposals would receive a green light to proceed.

This is all in line with the agenda of the present administration and a newly radicalized Democratic party to remove all limitations and restraints on the killing of the unborn, to expand the practice, and to strike down the laws preventing tax payer dollars from funding it.

What you have just read is the kind of thing we might expect to read in a book detailing the experiments performed at Auschwitz by Dr. Mengele among other Nazi doctors performing gruesome experiments in concentration camps.  It is not the kind of thing we expect to be enabled, supported, participated in, and performed by the United States government. To anyone with a conscience, all the more to any born again child of God, it should produce outrage. And the fact that such barbarically gruesome acts are being funded by your taxes should, at the very least, produce protest and action to overturn such ungodly decrees. 

Pray for the weak and most defenseless among us. Do whatever you can to oppose death, to bring life, and to save those who are perishing, both physically and spiritually. And may God greatly bless you this month as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


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