April 2017




Word for the Month & for Wed, May 1

Scripture: Joshua 1:9

See Message: Josiah Window


In the last two issues of Sapphires, I've written on the events of 2016-17, the election that changed the course of the American government.  We will now focus on the larger picture and the prophetic significance.

In both the fall of ancient Israel and that of ancient Judah, even when the nation was at war against everything right and heading for judgment, God extended mercy, gave reprieves, windows of grace, windows of time for the nation to repent and turn back.   It was also His mercy to use shaking to bring a nation back to repentance.  I believe we are witnessing a window, a chance for repentance as well as the answering of the multitude of fervent prayers that were lifted up by believers on behalf of America.

       But there is a warning.  The Harbinger was released in 2012. I wrote it in 2010, long before this election and well before the previous election.  Yet, what most people don't realize, is that I was led to put within its pages, Donald Trump.  It was in the chapter entitled "The Tower.." In it, his words paralleled the vow of Isaiah 9:10, the ancient declaration that led to Israel's judgment.  In fact, the vow to 'Make America great again,'  without a return to God  comprises another form of the ancient vow, 'We will rebuild with hewn stones.  If in this window of time we place our trust in government, in politics, in man, in our own abilities, in our own greatness, then we will be repeating the error of ancient Israel, and will be risking disaster.

          At the same time as I mentioned last month, it was confirmed that key people in the Trump campaign have read or are reading The Harbinger.  We must pray for the president and the government to seek the will of God and that God will have His way.

What happened in the election was not the answer, but an opportunity for the answer.  The answer is not government, or politics, or any man made thing.  The answer is revival from the presence of God.  If we even change laws, but do not change hearts and lives, especially that of the younger generation, then the nation’s course will ultimately remain the same, unaltered – and we will have wasted the chance given us.  

          What must we then do?  We must use this reprieve, this window of time, to pray, labor, minister, and go all out for repentance, return, and revival.  We must be bold and boldly proclaim the Gospel to all and to the culture and world around us.  And we must not only pray and minister revival, we must ourselves, live revival.  If we do this, then great things can come.

Are we heading to revival or judgment?  The answer may lie in the words God gave to Solomon three thousand years ago: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Do exactly that this month.  And may God greatly bless you as you do!

 Your brother and co-laborer,

In His Love and Service,