February 2017



Word for the Month & for Wed., Feb. 1

Scripture: I John 2:18

See Message: The Stasis


You may have missed it. It seemed to be something out of a science fiction movie rather than from a news event.   It was revealed that the Obama administration, through the National Institute of Health, proposed a new policy to allow scientists to use federal funding to create part-human, part-animal embryos – known as chimeras. The name ‘chimera’ comes from Greek mythology and describes fire-breathing creatures with the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and the tail of a serpent.

The idea is to combine human stem cells with animal embryos to create, in effect, a new life form that is part human, part animal. “We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature,” said Pablo Ross, a reproductive biologist at the University of California, Davis. But many are concerned.  Some scientists, ethicists, and critics have raised concern that the chimera research could end up producing animals with human brains, or animals able to father human children. The National Institute of Health does plan on doing experiments involving the brain as well as giving animals human sperm and eggs. 

“One of the concerns that a lot of people have,” says Jason Robert, a biotethicist at Arizona State University, “is …that this could be a kind of violation — a kind of, maybe, even a playing God.”

Indeed it would appear to be just that - man playing God.  In the Book of Revelation the mark of the ‘beast’ is described as being 666.  In Scripture, the number 6 is linked to man, as man was created on the 6th day.  The number 3 is obviously linked to God.  666 is 6 in the form of 3, or man as God.  So it is revealed that the Antichrist will declare himself God – again, man as God.  

As we move closer to that day, to the time of the end, we would expect there to be more and more signs of man trying to be God.  In one realm, it manifests as a nation or a nation’s high court appointing itself as the judge of God’s Word, to overrule it, or as the creator of new morality. To alter what is right and wrong is to play God. 

It also manifests in a culture that seeks to alter God’s creation. When we redefine man and woman, we are seeking to alter the creation.  So now as man tinkers with the genetic code, to combine man and animals, it’s just another manifestation of the end-times – man playing God. 

There is a way that even as believers you can end up playing God and not even realize it.  Whenever you live as if you were the center of the world, whenever you act to glorify yourself, and whenever you bend what is right and wrong to fit your will – you’re playing God.   This month center your life, not on yourself, but on God. Glorify Him, not yourself, and don’t conform His Word and will to fit your life, but conform your life to fit His Word and will.  And may God greatly bless you as you do!

 Your brother and co-laborer,

In His Love and Service,