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Including the Watchman World Report With Updates on World Events and Prophecy!

The Mystery Of The Temple Doors!

Discover the long-hidden, never before revealed, Mystery of the Temple Doors - The ancient secret hidden in the Garden of Eden, the visions of the prophets, the writing of Josephus and the rabbis and the flaming sword of the cherubim.

The Mystery
The First Time Uncovered!

The Mystery of the Bride and Bridegroom!

One of the most beautiful mysteries ever, the grand story of redemption, the mystery of existence, The Mystery of God & You! Revealed in the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Marriage! Recorded live at the Messiah Conference with Music on CD.

The Awesome & Heavenly Mysteries Hidden in God's Ancient Language! - Our Gift To You!

Special Resources!

Free New Testament
For those who don't have a Bible, we will send you a free New Testament.

Finding New Life!
A Special message for those seeking salvation or unfamiliar with the new birth.

First Steps!
For those who have just come to the Lord --- what to do next for a strong & successful walk with God.