May 2023




Word for the Month & for Thurs., June 1

Scripture: Isa. 62:1-2

See Message: The Cup of Reeling: Jerusalem 


Before leaving office, President Obama did what many had feared he would do, and what the White House had implied he might one day do - He instructed America's ambassador to the United Nations to abandon Israel. The context was a U.N. resolution condemning the Jewish state.  U.N. resolutions condemning Israel are nothing new.  In fact, of all the nations in the world, including dictator states, terrorist states, and states given to mass murder of its own citizens - it is the tiny democratic nation of Israel that has been condemned by the United Nations more than any other nation.  

What was unique about this particular resolution was its extremity.  It began by claiming that Israel had no right to Jerusalem.  But it went even further.  It declared that Jerusalem was “Palestinian territory.”  Beyond that it alleged that Israel was an “occupying power.”

Obama shocked the world by refusing to veto it, but letting it go through.  Beyond this, the evidence was manifold that he actually took part in engineering the bill and pushing it to approval. 

It all was seen as Obama's parting shot at Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu whom Obama had often publicly attacked in the press. 

Beyond that is the matter of end-time prophecy.  In Zechariah 12, it is written that in the last days, God will make Jerusalem a “cup of reeling,” and a “burdensome stone.”  All nations that try to move it will be injured.  That over two thousand years later Jerusalem still exists, is still in the news, and is the center of world controversy  -  is amazing and a powerful witness that we’re living in the last days and the Bible is the Word of God.

But that America as directed by Obama took part in opposing Israel over Jerusalem is ominous. For it is written that those who try to “move” Jerusalem will be injured. At the same time, the incoming president, Donald Trump, promised to strongly support Israel - and to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem.  Such a move would be historic. Standing in the way of such a move was Obama’s last waiver which prevents any such action being taken until its expiration this month. It is also worthy of note that this month, June 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem in the Six Day War and its restoration to the Jewish people - and thus a Jubilee.

Let us do as the Scriptures command us and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the salvation of His ancient people, and for the United States, and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And may God greatly bless you this month, as you do.

 Your brother and co-laborer,

In His Love and Service,